DNS Server Quantity

dns server quantity
Simple DNS Plus
Very capable and full featured DNS server.
JH Software ApS
Posadis DNS server
Posadis DNS server supports authoritative service (master/slave).
Microsoft Windows DNS Server Version 2000 and 2003
System Center Management Packs

DNS Server Quantity

Easy-to-use DNS server software for Windows™.
Team John Long
Interactive DNS Query
Free utility to execute queries of DNS records.
Simple Authoritative Name Server
It is a simple DNS server which can be a primary DNS server for your domains.
Meilof Veeningen
DNS Redirector
Multi-function DNS server for Windows servers.
DNS Redirector
DNS Watcher
DNS Watcher helps users monitor if their websites are working or not.
Microsoft Windows Server DNS Management Pack
Changes in how “PrimaryServer” and “SerialNumber” properties are updated.
Windows Server 2003 DNS
Microsoft Online Seminars
haneWIN DNS Server
It is a program that implements a DNS Server for all Windows platforms.
Dr. Hanewinkel
AnalogX FastCache
FastCache is a caching DNS server that handles DNS requests your PC makes.
Simple DNS Plus API for .NET and COM
Simple DNS Plus provides wizards for common tasks such as setting up new zones.
JH Software

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DNS Server Quantity

Multi Server Simulator
Multi Server Simulator simulates virtual HTTP, FTP, SMTP, or DNS server networks.
Paessler AG
Autodesk Quantity Takeoff 2011
Autodesk Quantity Takeoff cost estimating software makes material costing faster.
IP Changer King
IP Changer King enables you save multiple network profiles.
IP Changer King
AEC CutFill
A powerful and flexible earthwork cut and fill calculation software.
AEC Logic.
It monitors the IP and update whenever you change your DNS.
Oscar de los Santos
Smart Dns Server Not Responding Fixer Pro
It can fix Windows registry errors.
ChrisPC DNS Switch
Makes changing the DNS settings of your computer a really easy job.
Chris P.C. srl
DNS Blacklist Monitor
Check and monitor email server public IPs in DNS blacklist zones like spamhaus.
DNS Blacklist Monitor Software
Bypas icloud
iCloud Bypass DNS Server provides a way to use the iCloud Locked device.
July Ighor